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"My husband and I used James as our agent when we recently sold our home. We can't recommend him more highly. He was patient with our barrage of ... more "
by yuliehw
"Buying and selling a home can induce enough stress on its own, but when you are also 9 months pregnant and with a toddler in tow, it is probably top ... more "
by Ceciliayli
"I have known James Tan for a number of years. I am a real estate investor and I have bought (and sold) many properties through him, including my own ... more "
by aqua marine 1803

"I would like to provide a testimony of the excellent service James from Bethany Real Estate has provided to me over the years. He helped me buy my first home in California, and also helped me obtain financing on multiple occasions. He patiently and tirelessly walked me through the purchasing and loan process and made sure that I felt comfortable with each step. He made sure that everything went smoothly, which resulted in him earning my trust."
"Throughout the years, James has always been very flexible and generous with his time, accommodating my busy work schedule. His 30 years experience, professionalism and expertise not only of real estate but also of economics, stocks and financial markets, is unmatched by any other realtor with whom I have worked, which I believe is one of the key factors  for his successful business."
"I would like to specifically point out that James always has the interest of the client at heart. James has been a successful real estate investor for many years and does not really have to rely on commissions for a living. Therefore he can afford to let a deal go, if it is not in the best interest of his client. He only provides honest and straight forward advice. For example,  I told him that I was interested in purchasing an investment property in an area in Sacramento. Although he would have earned commission for this purchase, he advised me not to buy at the time and not in that area. Instead, he said I should wait for more favorable market conditions and choose a different area which turned out to be more lucrative."
"I have referred many friends and colleagues to James because I have been very happy with his service. James is an honest and seasoned professional who has gone through 3 real estate recessions, he has a solid understanding of the risks and rewards of investing  in real estate. He is happy to share with you his experiences, so that you will not make mistakes while investing. He is the kind of person you need to rely on, when investing in real estate." 
"Above all, James is now a close friend of mine and I will continue to refer my family, friends, and colleagues to him for any real estate services."

"I wanted to find a fairly new and a good home as an investment, if possible near our own residence. James from Bethany Real Estate took the time to search and identify the area to invest. He methodically researched South San Francisco, San Pablo, Richmond, Vallejo, Concord and other areas. I wanted to buy a newer home in a good area with good rental yield. Through his resourcefulness and creativity, he was able to find a very nice 10 year old home in Concord for around $250K. He then advertized my property, and screened for a good tenant.  I am now making close to $2,500 of additional rental income every month without spending much time at all"
"We wanted to invest  in some unique properties in areas that have potential, yet at a reasonable price. Bethany Real Estate recommended us to consider homes in golf communities. James took us to beautiful golf course locations in Brentwood. He showed us some beautiful homes with panoramic golfcourse views and swimming pools. He then took care of the financing and helped us find very good tenants. I am very happy with  this investment and I would highly recommend him for your real estate needs as well. Really, without James, we would never be able to invest in California" 
"I was a first time buyer, looking for a 2 bedroom property in a good school district. James from Bethany Real Estate patiently showed me properties in Roseville and surrounding areas. He never pressured me to make an offer, until I was ready. He recommended a property in Rocklin which has excellent schools and very reasonably priced. I now have this beautiful new condominium.  Not only is the condo in a great location, but it also comes with down payment assistance from the city. Thanks James"
"I was looking for a home near the University attended by my eldest daugher. James from Bethany Real Estate was always patient and ready to show us homes in Woodland, Natomas, Sacramento and West Sacramento. At the end, based on his professional advice, we settled on West Sacramento. We liked the area and the brand new high school next door.  We made an offer for a short-sale property which unfortunately did not get approved by the Seller's Lender. We then had to go out of state. James however, continued to search for homes in the neighborhood and as soon as another one fell out of escrow, he alerted me and quickly helped us make an offer. We were able to close on the property soon after that.  Thanks to James, we now have a home that we liked near the University and right across from a great new high school in West Sacramento"
 "I was a first time buyer looking for a reasonably priced home in the San Pablo area. James from Bethany Real Estate helped me find a REO property, which is in a good area.  The property needed some work. He first made sure that the townhome qualified for FHA and then he referred me to a mortgage company that was able to help with a FHA 203k renovation loan. Unfortunately the mortgage company took a very long time to get us the loan. It was so long that the Bank (Seller) demanded a per diem penalty from us. James stood behind us, and defended our interest. So that at the end, the Seller reduced the per diem penalty and this penalty was being paid by the mortgage company instead. We were able to close, and now we own the townhome. Thanks James.

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